Would you like to really understand the underpinnings of the motivation to change and how to influence change with a client, a patient, your students, or your employees? Blake Suzelis has literally written the book on it! Depending on the need, Blake can individualize your training from 90 minutes to two days or longer. Common options include:

  • 90-minute brief overview (free to local stakeholders)

  • Ongoing 4-hour training (monthly, quarterly, etc.).

  • 1-day experiential training.

  • 2-day in-depth experiential training (3-month advanced notice) 

Potential training topics include, but are not limited to: The Gift of Luck, motivation, team-building, leadership, coaching, managing BIG behaviors in the classroom, compassion fatigue, trauma-informed care, mind-body skills training, parenting, marriage-building, or conflict resolution 


  • $200/hour + travel for groups up to 20 with a minimum of $500 for the day

  • Call/text for larger group costs.

  • LOCAL stakeholders get a discounted price. Call/text for details.



There has been a paradigm shift in the field of psychology. We've been wrong in our understanding of motivation and behavior change. The Gift of Luck reveals a new, holistic understanding of change offering new skills and techniques in current research and ancient wisdom. The model frees you from focusing on who you are not and allows you to focus on whom you want to be, rewiring your motivation.


The beauty and power of what we choose to learn from life impacts you to the depths of many generations to come. When you decide to spend time growing in knowledge and wisdom, it is time you will never regret and always remember. Join the adventure that is bigger than yourself, begin a movement of change within and around you as motivation multiples, rewrite the next chapter of your story, and watch the world change for good.




Available here at cost + shipping ($8.00)