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When I decided to return to college for my Master’s in Professional Counseling in 2010, after spending years running businesses, I didn't realize I signed up for heart surgery and a brain transplant. Even though it was not comfortable and I had to face parts of me I didn't know that I didn't know, the knowledge and wisdom gained have altered my life, all the lives around me, and it will continue to influence my family for many generations to come. The power of personal change! 


​I have moved from Wenatchee, Washington to Lenoir, North Carolina with my wife and five children while working to complete my Ph.D. in Mind-Body Medicine, which I plan to complete by the end of 2022. In 2019, I published my first book: The Gift of Luck: The 10 Essential Stages of DEEP and LASTING Change (available on

I am a Washington State Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), North Carolina Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC), and Ohio State Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Registered Hypnotherapist (RH), National Board Certified - Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), Child Mental Health Specialist (CMHS), Ohio State Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP). In Ohio, I worked as an intern and therapist at a behavioral healthcare and counseling center for adults for over a year. For the next two and a half years, I owned Integrative Mental Health Counseling, LLC, and acted as the sole practitioner serving primarily adults for trauma, anxiety, depression, and relationship counseling. After moving to Washington, my experience was rounded out by serving children and their families as a child and family therapist, in addition to supervising the WISe program, an intensive program for the at-risk youth and families. Further, I have had the opportunity to serve adults dealing with acute and chronic mental illness at a mental health inpatient facility.


Blake Suzelis Holistic Counseling, LLC is a way to serve children and adults as part of a holistic, integrative, and preventative approach to chronic health issues. For more information click here.


In addition to holistic counseling, I offer the Live Lucky Program for individuals looking to dive deep into creating a fulfilling life alongside other like-minded individuals as a way to serve others and make a living doing it. For more information, click here. 

  • B.A. (Bachelor Of Arts)- University of Akron.

    • Major: Public and Interpersonal Communication

    • Minor: Business Administration  

  • M.A., Professional Counseling- Liberty University. 

  • PhD., Mindbody Medicine- Saybrook University

    • Currently in 5th year. Hoping to graduate 2022!​

  • Ohio State License Number: C.1200592

  • Washington State License Number: LH60815437

  • North Carolina State License Number: 16591

  • NBC-HWC Number: A-3075959


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RYAN KOPYAR - Student Intern

Please welcome the newest addition to Blake Suzelis Holisitc Counseling, LLC, Ryan Kopyar, MA Student intern. 

Already an expert in physical health, Ryan decided to pursue his master's degree in clinical mental health counseling so that he could understand more about how to provide mental health services. At the same time, in Ryan's own spiritual development and awakening, he extensively researched both Eastern and Western spiritual practices of healing. Ryan sought to understand the meeting ground between where physical, mental, and spiritual health intersect. It is through this nexus point or meeting ground which Ryan works collaboratively with his clients to create a treatment plan which includes all three aspects of their health and wellness. Ryan utilizes his empathy and strong communication abilities to serve others in his work as an author, educator, podcast host, and most importantly a trusted companion with people as they embark on their healing journey.

Ryan currently holds his Substance Use Disorder Professional Trainee credential in Washington state as well as his Registered Hypnotherapy License. He is a nationally certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist. Currently, Ryan is completing the last semester of his master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Liberty University. He is also pursuing his bachelor's degree as a Medical Assistant. Find out more about Ryan here.

If you are interested in a reduced fee and longer sessions, Ryan is your guy!

  • B.A. (Bachelor Of Arts)- University of Scranton

    • Major: Criminal Justice

  • M.A., Professional Counseling- Liberty University. 

    • Planning to graduate May 2022!​

  • WA State SUD Professional Trainee Certification Number: CO61136120

  • WA State Registered Hypnotherapist Number: HP61230536